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I Love the Woman I've Become
Because I've  fought 
Hard  to Become Her 

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  • Feminine Embodiment Coach

  • Women's Circle Creatrix

  • Soul Guide 

Her Story

Chelsey was raised in a small town, by a single mother after her father passed away when she was one. The early years of her life had its ups and downs with  trauma, bullying and deep-rooted abandonment. As a young girl she felt like an out-cast, many of her best friends betrayed her thus creating a large sister wound with most women. Chelsey felt very alone and unsupported as she tried to find her way in this world. Most of the men present in her life were perfect examples of unhealthy toxic masculinity, who came and went often. There was a lot of pain, fear and unhappiness with life. There were limited positive role models of a father figure or what a healthy relationship looks like. Self harm and survival coping mechanism began to form before her teens. This then carried on into her early adult life where she found herself trying to take her power back from men. Chelsey had always been quite promiscuous and adventurous, sometimes getting herself in bad situations. She began using all this sexual energy she had, to seduce and use men. This was her way of having control and taking her power back. She put walls up around her heart, didn’t show emotions and played with the boys. People often commented on how she “thought like a man”, she prided herself on this and being able to turn off her emotions. She stepped fully into her masculine side over-working, over-doing and less feeling. She used partying and lots of meaningless sexual adventures trying to fill the void she felt inside. Her use of drugs and alcohol to numb the pain became evident when they started taking over her free-time. Everything seemed to be out of control creating debilitating anxiety attacks and big mood swings. The never- ending search for happiness and love began. 


Once Chelsey started to slow down and look at herself and her life, she had a rude awakening. Who she was playing and trying to be was attracting toxic people to her life and not helping in anyway.She realized this misuse of her sexual energy was depleting her and that she wasn’t allowing herself to receive or even feel love. She started to turn her life around, travel more, explore plant medicines, yoga, meditation and dig deep into her own wounds. Her healing journey began with self-love, alone time, learning how to have boundaries and stand humbly in her power. Through many retreats, ceremonies and healers Chelsey learned a lot about herself and the world around her. A lot of shame and guilt came up for being such a wild woman who enjoys sex and intimacy however she found a way to embrace it. She found balance and control while owning her own pleasure and living more fully. She released the judgements of others, spoke her truth more authentically and opened up to all sides of her. Through shadow work and understanding of all dynamics of herself she began to truly fall in love with every aspect. Self-love, boundaries and communication has been a large part of her journey 

As she began to blossom she realized what everyone told her to do wasn’t right for her. She followed the societal expectations of going to college and getting a 40 hour a week job, becoming part of the rat race. After getting the job she dreamed of ,helping teenagers in a treatment center, she quickly realized how draining this was on her soul. She went to a Goddess Ceremony retreat and seen 20 women come together from across the world. She witnessed how authentically they showed up with tears, love and laughter. By the end of the retreat she knew what she needed to do. She found a better way to share her passion for helping others, especially women who want to do the work. She was already a reiki practitioner, using energy healing often, but she started to expand her options. Chelsey began hosting Women’s Circles in June of 2018 with the intention to host retreats someday. She then did Yoga Teacher training and quit her full time job in August of 2018. She quickly began leading yoga at music festivals and becoming more active in her community. By the next summer Chelsey began hosting Red Tents, safe spaces and workshops at festivals. She also began her Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification that elevated her awareness of the bodies ability to heal. This is when she knew she had found her calling. As her connection to self deepened and she listened to her intuition she was able to follow her life path with ease. How quickly she fell into the flow of the feminine, listening to her heart and honoring her body. The tools and practices Chelsey learned herself has been iconic in her healing journey and now continues to share them. Her fiery essence inspires and creates a burning desire to those around her to ignite their own flame. 


Chelsey has always used energy work and conversation to facilitate healing for years but after traveling, studying and her own inner work she brought those practices to others. The way she intertwines all her teachings and healing abilities together through intuition has a strong power about it. Everything she shares, suggests or practices has came from her own experience and her connection to source. Her nonjudgmental view and open mind has helped so many people feel safe, comfortable and ready to make changes. Her offering are ever changing and helpful to any being interested. If any of this resonates with you please reach out and set up a discovery call.

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  • Reiki Practitioner  

  • Intuitive Healer 

  • Ceremonialist 

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I am truly grateful and honored to guide you!
My soul is on a mission and you, my dear, are part of it


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