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Leading my First Retreat in 2018

I went to my first Goddess Ceremony Retreat January 2018 and fell in love! I could not believe how open and vulnerable the group of women were there. We did a manifestation circle and I re-read it this week to realize I have fulfilled 95% of it. It was at this retreat I realized what I wanted to do with my life, what my true life purpose was. The sisterhood was calling my name! I was to be a fierce leader who inspired other women to walk into their darkness, burn through the deep layers of pain and conditioning to find their true selves. I put in the work, I studied, I learned, I healed and I did everything I could to follow my dreams. Finally this past weekend I co-hosted my first spiritual retreat and let me tell you, it was everything I wanted it to be! I left feeling full of bliss.

There was yoga, a moon phase and women's archetype workshop, energy techniques and crystal grid classes. We all pulled out our Tarot decks and literally had a tarot deck party. It was so fun1 I hosted my favorite ceremony the fire ceremony and that's where things got deep. Each woman opened up further than I could have imagined. Harsh memories, family secrets, pain no one knew of, were all spoken into an open circle with strangers. These women had only just met this day and we moved at such a fast pace with only a short weekend together. Tears openly flowed as each woman had their time to speak their truth. Rapid deep-seated emotions flowing turned the pain of the past into hope and strength for the future. Song and dance around the fire led to our hearts openings while our primal voices came out to play. We let go of our anxieties, our worries and our hurt, to dance and play. We let our inner child come out and feel safe again. The stories we shared over meals and many, many snacks were healing to both parties. Learning together, asking questions and stating our opinions without judgement, fear or retaliation helped us feel connected. We created our own safe community! During the manifestation circle we got to share our deepest desires and truest dreams, to speak it out loud, be witnessed and supported. The dreams we were too afraid to tell anyone, for fear of failure had seeped into our minds, were finally expressed. We were given support and love through our struggles, answers to our soul questions.

And I got to see the smiles on the faces, through the tears. I got to be thanked over and over. I got to hear the stories of these women finally showing their authentic selves. I was blessed to have witnessed each beautiful soul finding nourishment and healing in every moment. I cannot express enough gratitude for this experience. How blessed I am to be on this path in alignment with Divine Source, following my heart. This is why I lead women's retreats and circles.

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