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What a wild time to be alive.

Seeing how the world is going through a deep cleanse, forcing everyone to SLOW DOWN.

Fear taking over the collective , spreading faster than the virus itself.

It’s not easy to stay grounded and positive through this.

I’ll be honest when I found out I no longer had a job and needed to file for unemployment, I was in shock.

It was a rough day to process what was really happening.

It ended with a heavy heart, explosive tears and an anxiety attack. I haven’t had anxiety attacks since my early twenties. So this surprised me, caught me off guard.

I fell into the fear of the material world, not knowing how I was going to pay my bills. I felt the fear of my family, friends and all the people in the world worried about the same. I broke down and had to let it all out. I cried and cried, I could barely breathe.

But once it was over, once I could slow my breathing and connect to the earth I felt the cleansing of the breakdown. The light after the dark.

Then I asked myself , “what is this teaching me? “

I am finally given the time to lean into trust. Trust in my soul purpose and shine my light through this dark time. To fully show up and show my strength while the world crumbles.

I am given the time to slow down, honor my body and deepen my connection to Spirit. Do more ceremonies, self-love practices, and allow my creative side to flow.

I am given the time to surrender, allow support from source and be guided by Spirit. Surrender to divine timing and flow. Accept what is happening and take time to feel.

This is a massive upleveling that will be coming after this darkness. Mama Earth is exhausted and asking for help, the collective is being tested.

Will we choose Love? To show compassion and help each other. Create more community and support around us.

Or will we choose Fear? Taking more than we need and hoarding it. Fighting over luxuries and not sharing with our neighbors.

As darkness shows up, what do you choose? To trust, surrender and love?

Through this time as we are all tested, not only do we need to support each other but truly sit with ourselves.

Our shadows are going to come out tenfold now that we can’t run from them. Now that we are stuck inside with our thoughts , no jobs or running around to distract us, be prepared.

Prepared to face your fears. Face the truth you’ve been hiding from.

To feel all the things you haven't allowed yourself to feel.

All the stuff that’s been hidden deep down and covered up with distractions will surface.

I invite you to embrace it. Feel it. Accept it.

Look at it and see what it is teaching you.

Does it need more love or forgiveness to let go of shame or guilt?

Does it need some movement and expression to release the tension, anger or sadness?

Does it just need time to be felt?

We are all feeling this shift, noticing the overwhelming emotions that are surfacing.

We are in this together. We are all feeling it, if you want to admit it or not. It’s there.

Lean in, to trust, to support and to love.

I’ve been doing a lot of journaling, grounding meditations and dancing to positive music to stay sane. I’ve been coloring, making wire wrapped jewelry and cooking nourishing food. When I feel insecure or worried about the world and my future I take deep breaths and repeat “I am safe. I am supported. I am loved.”

Please feel free to do any of the same. Reach out through email, social media or anyway to tell me how you are getting through it. Let me know if you need some support, a virtual hug or a guided meditation for balance.

I've been leading meditations on facebook live and in my women’s group, “Women Igniting Their Wildfire” on Facebook if you’d like to join. I will be doing my best to keep showing up and being here for you.

I love you. We will get through this.

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